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Hello, Welcome to Top 5 best stuff, this article is about the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa . Snakes are the major area of interest of many people. Although not all the snakes are harmful, there are some extremely dangerous snakes exist around the world such as dangerous snakes found in America, India, Australia etc. Following are the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa.





    snakes of Africa

    Black Mamba is regarded as the most dangerous species of snakes in the continent and that is why it is at the top rank on my list of the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa . it is also known as “the kiss of death” in Africa. Moreover, this snake strike from a considerable distance and the victim die within 45 minutes of the bite. Also, the death rate with the bite of this snake is 100%. It is also well known for its fastest speed on land. According to a study done on these snakes, it has been proved that these snakes usually try to avoid humans and do not strike unless threatened.


    snakes of Africa
    The next snake on my list of the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa is “Carpet Viper”. It is also known as “Echis”. Moreover, these are found across Africa, Middle East, and South Asia. Mostly these snakes bite in a dark and they target remote areas where medical facilities cannot be immediately provided. That’s why the fatalities are always inevitable.


    snakes of Africa

    Egyptian Cobra is one of the largest cobra species. These snakes are native to the Africa. These highly venomous snakes are also on my list of the quite dangerous snakes of Africa . Also, these can be found in the north and south region of Sahara Desert and also in the western and eastern Africa.these snakes produce highly potent venom that is enough to kill a human being.


    snakes of Africa

    Puff Adder is at the next rank on my list of the top highly top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa . it is highly venomous species that is found throughout Africa except for Sahara Desert region and the African rain forests. According to a research, about 100 milligrams of the Puff Adder venom is enough to kill a human. Besides, the victim dies within 25 hours of the bite. These snakes are very aggressive in nature.


    snakes of Africa

    The last snake on my list of the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa is “Boomslang”. These are native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The highly potent hemotoxin produced by these snakes disrupts the blood coagulation process within the body of the victim and triggers death with massive internal and external bleeding. Moreover, the victim does not die immediately after the bite of these snakes, so the victim can seek immediate medical help. However, some victims tend to ignore the bite of these snakes due to the absence of immediate symptoms and this leads to the fatalities.

So, these were the top 5 dangerous snakes of Africa . The more you stay away from them, the more save you’ll be. Also keep in mind that snakes are also living beings, so we should not hurt them. Live & let live…!

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