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Hello, guys! Today I’m here with some interesting Indian Railway facts that you’d love to know. I’m going to tell you only top 5 interesting Railway facts , so don’t mind if the length of this article will be short as compared to my all other articles. Moreover, if you want to know about the top 5 busiest railway network countries, you can check this post.

Railway network in India is one of the largest railway networks in the world. Daily, lots of passengers travel through it. Today, I’ve brought some interesting Indian Railway facts for you that you had never listened before.

Now, without wasting a time by beating around the bushes, let’s start to know about the interesting Indian Railway facts .




  1. Two Stations but One Location

Indian railway facts

In Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district, there are two stations, namely Srirampur and Belapur, which are located at the same location on the route of the railway but on the opposite sides of the railway track.


  1. Longest Station Name

Indian railway facts

Near Chennai, on Arakkonam-Renigunta section, there is a railway station with the longest name called as “Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta”.


  1. Oldest Locomotive

Indian railway facts

The oldest working Loco in India is “The Fairy Queen” which was manufactured in 1855.


  1. Longest Rail Tunnel Track

Indian railway facts

Pir Punjal Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel track in India which is of the length of 11.255 km.


  1. The First Train

Indian railway facts

The first train on the soil of India ran on the 16th April 1853 between Bombay and Thane.

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