Top 5 Busiest Railway Network Countries


Railway plays an important role in the transportation. These are the backbone of any country. These are the main source of transportation of passengers as well as goods. Moreover, railways are one of the cheapest means of transport. These days every country is working on the high-speed railway network, also known as Bullet Train. A noticeable growth can be seen in the development of the railway network. The countries with larger railway network have witnessed a remarkable growth and development in all the sectors. Following is the list of top 5 busiest railway network countries.




  1. The United States of America

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The country which tops the list of top 5 busiest railway network countries is the United States of America. Moreover, it has a large private network which extends to a length of 224792 km, with more than 1600 km of it being electrified. As the network of railways in this country was developed at a very early stage, so it really played a major role in the growth of USA. Also, the railway infrastructure of this country is still in a developing stage.


  1. Russia

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Another country on my list of top 5 busiest railway network countries is Russia. Russia is reaching a tremendous length of 128000 km, out of which nearly 50000 km is electrified. Besides, the country is huge, so it needs a large railway network infrastructure fulfill the needs of the population and the country. Also, the railway network in Russia is an economic wonder of the ongoing century and the last two centuries as well.


  1. India

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The next country on the list of the busiest railway network countries is India. The length of the network of railways in India is 116000 km, where electrified length is 20884 km. Here in this country, the railway infrastructure is still in a developing phase. Moreover, the country is also setting up a network of Bullet Train. The population of India is huge, so a massive railway infrastructure is required to support the needs of the population. The railway is nationalized in India.


  1. China

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China comes next on my list of the top busiest railway network countries. The length of the network of the railway in China is 112000 km, out of which the electrified length is 55811 km. Also, the railway infrastructure is nationalized in this country too. The manufacturing industry is the backbone of China, so railways here is supporting the economic growth by providing an infrastructure to transport containers and raw materials from one place to another. Besides, the railway network of China has grown at a really fast speed in the last 2 decades.


  1. Canada

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Canada is also on my list of the busiest railway network countries that extended to a length of 46552 km, out of which 129 km of the network of the railway in is electrified. The major railway operators in Canada are CN Rail, CP Rail, and Via Rail. Moreover, the railway network of Canada is also connected to the USA. The Canada also has a massive railway network and the development of the railways is still going on there.

There are also other countries that have really developed railway infrastructure such as Germany (43464 km), Australia (38445 km), Argentina (36966 km), South Africa (31000 km), France (26940 km) and so on. The railway is definitely going to be the major force that would contribute to the development of the country.

Most of the people love to travel in railways. These are one of the favorite means of travel for most of the people. Even I also like to travel via trains. And my experience in the trains is always satisfactory. Tell me about your experience regarding the trains in the comment section and also be in touch on Top 5 best stuff.

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