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We all know the stories of people who start something for few weeks and then gradually stop doing that work. Also, I know that it takes a lot of effort to make changes in your life, but I believe in you. Besides, you just need some motivation at every point along your journey; that’s why I’ve collected a list of self-help websites you should visit once.

I know these self-help websites will benefit your personal growth for sure. Besides, it doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been with your self-help efforts; but it really matters if you feel like something is missing. Moreover, with these self-help websites, I’m going to make you aware and also help you to see clearly the obstacles that are blocking your success.






SELFGROWTH is the number one self-help site on the Internet. It’s a well-managed site by the founder David Riklan. Besides, it contains abundant of articles, videos, events, websites, products, and experts as well, especially for learning about the resources that you need in your business and in your personal life. Moreover, you just need to register yourself at Selfgrowth and it allows you to develop your own member pages and connect with others through instant messaging and discussion boards. Besides, members earn user points for all their activity on the site. 



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STEVEPAVLINA is another self-help website and also one of the most popular personal development websites in the world. The purpose of StevePavlina is to help you grow as a conscious human being. Moreover, lots of users come here daily for inspiration and motivation. Also, don’t miss the chance of getting an advantage of this helpful resource for your personal transformation. According to this site, there are seven core principles of growth – truth, love, power, oneness, authority, courage and Intelligent.



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TRANS4MIND is a personal development university that offers its resources to approximately 500,000 visitors every month. Besides, the information this website provides, help you to advance on a holistic path. In addition, the site offers you many tools for transformation for the change you want to see in the world. Also, the meaning of the personal development is “To Transfer Your Mind”. Trans4Mind is also one of the best self-help websites that really help you to overcome the challenges involved in the transitions that would fulfill your potential.




PICKTHEBRAIN is also a self-help website with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education. PickTheBrain was founded in December 2006 by John Wesley who afterward continues to be a contributing blogger. Also, the first article on this website was published on November 22, 2006, and today it has become one of the fastest growing self-help websites on the Internet. Moreover, anything related to self-improvement is covered by this site. Besides, there you’ll find only the highest quality as well as most dynamic content.



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Top achievement is another personal development website, founded in 1998. It was founded by Gene Donohue which is also the founder of Gap Mtn Technologies. This website contains the articles and products related to personal development. This is a great website that’s why it is in the list of top 5 self-help websites. If you really need to improve yourself then this is a good option for you.

I’m sure you’ll definitely love these self-help websites. So without wasting your time in thinking whether to visit these sites or not, just visit these sites once; you’ll find a positive change in yourself. These websites will help you to improve yourself and to get a new transformation in you as well.

Just visit these self-help websites once and make changes in your life now that you’ve always wanted. Also, keep sharing your experiences along with me in the comment section. Besides, feel free to ask any query in the comment section and be in touch with us for the further top 5 best stuff. Top 5 best stuff website will always keep you updated about the best stuff related to all the topics across the world.

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