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We as human beings think that a person with any disability cannot be successful in his life. But my friends, this fact is totally wrong. To be successful in our life, it is not compulsory that we should be perfect in all the ways. We can become successful on the basis of our talent and will power. It is well said, “where there is a will, there is a way”. So, never get disappointed or make any excuses to ignore or run away from the situations that demand hard work. The hard work plays an important role in our success. Here I’m going to discuss with you about the top 5 successful disabled people from whom you can get inspiration for your rest of life. You can also look top 5 richest people around the world.

These top 5 successful disabled people challenged the odds, turned circumstances to their side and redefine success. Their disability didn’t stop them to be successful in their life. Their stories were nerve wrecking, heart touching, inspirational and encouraging. I also wrote an article about top 5 highly intelligent people which contains information about some highly intelligent personalities. I’ve compiled the stories of the top 5 successful disabled people briefly for you ahead.





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    The first person on my list of top 5 successful disabled people is “Stephen Hawking”. He is a famous English Physicist and author who noted the works and thesis about the areas of black-holes, cosmology, gravitational waves, quantum mechanics and so on. He is stricken by a rare condition called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He is paralyzed from the years. He communicates using a single cheek muscle attached to a speech generating device. His physical disability has never stopped him to achieve a successful position and share his ideas with the world. He achieved many awards like Albert Einstein Award, Albert Medal, and Presidential Medal. He is undoubtedly a successful person with disabilities and a role model to many others as well.


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    Nicholas James Vujicic is a motivational speaker. He belongs to Australia. He was born with a rare condition called Phocomelia which is the absence of limbs; so, he is without hands and legs since birth. He was an object of bullying during his school days and was demotivated. Despite this, he motivates himself and graduated in Commerce. Today he is a well known motivational speaker who aims to develop hope in the people so that they can fight their oddities. Besides, he won an award “Australian Young Citizen” in 1990. He surely deserves to be on the list of top 5 successful disabled people .


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    Sudha Chandran is the next on my list of top 5 successful disabled people . She is an accomplished Indian actor and dancer. She is well known Bharatnatyam dancer. He started dancing at the age of three. She met with a bus accident. Though her wounds were not very deep, as she was not attended on time because of which the cut on her right ankle resulted in her foot getting gangrene. To prevent the infection from spreading the body, her foot had to be amputated. Her dreams of dancing seemed to have ruined. But didn’t lose hope and got an artificial leg.  It took 3 years to her to walk properly. When she performed first post the incident, she amazed the audience with her incredible performance and courage. After that, she reported in the newspaper with title “lost a foot but walked a mile”. Later she offered to play a lead role in a movie based on her real life. She became the famous personality in the T.V and film industry & won several awards. She is a real fighter and a role model to many others. Moreover, it was her will power to not to stop despite her losing her one foot, she really deserves a salute. It was her hard work that brings her among the top 5 successful disabled people.


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    Arunima Sinha – The World’s First Female and India’s First amputee to climb the Mount Everest. She is also the National Level Volleyball player. Her these capabilities bring her in my list of top 5 successful disabled people . In an unfortunate accident, she lost her leg. Actually while traveling by train, she was harassed by some people and was thrown by them out of the train on the tracks. She tried to resist their action of snatching her gold chain. As she lay on the track, 49 trains passed on top of her. In that broken-down condition, she was admitted to a hospital where her leg was amputated. A rod was inserted into her knees to hold the bones together. Her story was published by the media and she had to go through a really difficult situation of criticism and rumors. After that, she decided to do something to prove that she was right. She decided to climb Mount Everest. Moreover, this decision seemed to be ridiculous according to her physical condition. But she was really determined to her decision. Besides, with the training, will power and hard work, she managed to conquer the highest point on the Earth which seems to be very difficult for the physically fit people too. She did so many things that are quite difficult for the normal person. She is a real hero.


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    The last person on my list of top 5 successful disabled people is Ralph Braun. He is the CEO and Founder of Braun Corporation. He was born in Indiana, USA. Braun Corporation provides commercial wheelchair and accessible vehicles along with some other equipment to the individuals with disabilities. Moreover, when he was six years old, he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. At the age of 20, he created a motorized scooter for himself so that he can easily go anywhere without the support of others. His firm “Braun Corporation” was initially known as “Save the Step”. In 2012, Braun was named as “Champion Of Change” by the government of US. ALso, he made a new change in the life of disabling individuals with his creative thinking. He is not only one of the top 5 successful disabled people but also he is also the initiator of the change to the other disabled people.

These were the top 5 successful disabled people who reached at the top positions despite lots of difficulties in their life. Their stories are really inspirational. Whenever you feel down or think to quit in your life, just read about these top 5 successful people, this will definitely boost your confidence level.

If you also have any role model who is very successful in his life despite disabilities then share with me in the comment box. For more best information, be in touch on top 5 best stuff.

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