Top 5 Cancer Related Myths – Don’t Believe the hype


Cancer is a word which itself enough to afraid someone. Most people don’t want to hear this word ever. This is mostly because of the myths regarding cancer that people think are the true facts about cancer. To make you aware about these cancer myths, here I’m going to mention the top 5 cancer related myths ahead.

We can get abundant of knowledge about anything online. But not all the knowledge that is available online is true. It can be misleading sometimes. Moreover, we should be updated enough to distinguish between the fake and real information. Besides, don’t ever believe in hype. Following are the top 5 cancer related myths .




  1. Cancer Treatment Kills More Than It Cures

cancer related myths

First and foremost, let’s be clear that cancer treatment is not a cup of tea. The side effects can be tough. Moreover, treatments are designed to kill cancer. However, sadly, sometimes the treatment doesn’t work. Also, there is no treatment for late-stage cancer that has spread throughout the body. On the other hand, Cancer treatment kills more than it cures is one of the top 5 cancer related myths ; don’t believe this myth. It should be kept in mind that with the increasing number of cases, the drugs do work. Thus don’t believe in this hype ever.


  1. There’s a Miracle Cancer Cure

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There’s a miracle cancer cure – is also another one of the top 5 cancer related myths . Mostly the social sites spread this myth. Moreover, we only hear about the success stories and what about the people who have tried that one and not survived? In addition, people who often make bold claims for “miracle” cure only pick their best cases, without showing the full picture. Of course, people want to cure their cancer by any means. But my advice is to stay away from anything labeled a “miracle cure”, especially if people are trying to sell it to you.


  1. Cancer is a Fungus and Sodium Bicarbonate is the Cure

cancer related myths

Another one of the top 5 cancer related myths is “Cancer is a fungus and sodium carbonate is the cure”. It is a fact that cancer cells are clearly not fungal and cancer isn’t always white in color too. However, it has been proven that high doses of sodium carbonate can lead to serious or even fatal consequences. Also, some studies show that sodium bicarbonate can affect cancer transplanted into mice or cells grown in the lab. The doses of more than about 30 grams per day are likely to cause several health problems.


  1. We’ve Made No Progress in Fighting Cancer

cancer related myths

The next myth on my list of top 5 cancer related myths is “We’ve made no progress in fighting cancer”. This is not true. All the thanks go to the researchers, survival from cancer has doubled now. Besides, death rates have fallen by 10% over the past decade. However, there’s a still long way to go. There are some cancers where progress rate is a little slower such as lung, brain & pancreatic cancers. It is a fact that when you lose someone to cancer, it can feel as no progress has been made yet. Research is still going on in this field to make sure that nobody loses their life prematurely to this disease.


  1. Cancer is a Man-Made, Modern Disease

cancer related myths

Another myth about cancer is that cancer is a man-made, modern disease. This is one of the top 5 cancer related myths . This myth is totally wrong that cancer is a “modern”, man-made disease. However, cancer has existed as long as humans have. Also, DNA damage in our cells to build up as we age is perfectly normal and this damage can lead to cancer developing. Cancer now can be diagnosed more accurately just because of advancement in technology. As our lifestyle and other things like pollution too have a huge impact on our risk of cancer, but it is not true to say that cancer is entirely a modern, man-made disease. However, there are many natural causes of cancer like viruses and bacteria.

Hope, now you’ve enough knowledge about these top 5 cancer related myths . Moreover, don’t ever believe on any of these top 5 cancer related myths . Besides, cancer is a curable disease. Just be alert about your health and keep visiting the doctor after a certain interval. Also, don’t any kind of risk related to your health. Be updated and do share your views about any myths related to cancer in the comment section.

Do remember that don’t ever believe on any of these top 5 cancer related myths .

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