Top 5 Best Horror Movies of 2017 So Far


Horror movies are my favorite. And I’m sure you guys also like horror movies. Horror movies are one of the best to entertain ourselves. With that in mind, here’s my idea of the top 5 best horror movies of 2017 so far.

Good news for horror fans. This year, myriad of best horror movies have been released. But, in this article, I’m only going to mention the top 5 best horror movies of 2017 so far. This list has been updated to include all the best releases till date. The top 5 best horror movies of 2017 so far are mentions ahead.




  1. Get Out

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Jordan Peele’s directorial debut movie “Get Out” is a stunningly made social thriller. May be you’ve heard about it before. But if you haven’t seen it, believe the hype. The movie is all about a young black guy who heads off with his white girlfriend to meet her family and soon realizes that something is very wrong. In addition, this movie was released on February 24. Besides, it is one of the best movies of the year in any genre. This movie will entertain you surely.


  1. Prevenge

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The next horror movie on my list of top 5 best horror movies of 2017 is Prevenge. Alice Lowe wrote, directed and starred in this one of the darkly delightful movies to come out this year. Prevenge was released on 24th March. This movie follows a pregnant woman who appears to be on a murder spree. Moreover, this pregnancy horror is a genre to itself, but it rarely affords its leads. The result is some of the most empowering body horrors you’ll find. Also, this movie adds a unique shade to the horror-comedy spectrum.


  1. Hounds Of Love

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“Hounds of Love” is the debut movie from Ben Young which was released on May 12. In this movie, a young woman is abducted by a monstrous husband and wife who have clearly killed before. She does all to stay alive. The couple kidnaps some more local girls and make them sex slaves and then kills them. This is a perfect thriller that will make you thrilled. Also, this movie is loosely based on some actual events. Because of its nerve-wracking thriller scenes, it is one of the best horror movies of 2017.


  1. Raw

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Raw comes next on my list of top 5 best horror movies of 2017. This movie was released on March 10 and directed by Julia Ducournau. In this movie, virginal vegetarian ventures to veterinary school and gets caught up in some strange rituals. Besides, it’s a coming-of-age drama mixed with twisted horror. Also, it is one of the darkest college comedies ever made. Moreover, you can also rent this movie on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and YouTube.


  1. A Dark Song

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A Dark Song is a feature debut of Ireland’s Liam Gavin that was released on April 28. It’s about a grieving mother and a weird occultist who hole up in a freaky house. Moreover, he convinces angles to let her speak with her dead son. The concept of the novel is very beautifully expressed in this movie. Also, this is one of the best horror movies of 2017 so far. You can also watch this movie on rent via Amazo, iTunes, and Vudu; don’t let anyone spoil the ending for you.

That was my list of top 5 best horror movies of 2017 so far. If you think there should be any other movie listed on my list, then do share about that movie with me in the comment section. And if you’ve missed any of these top 5 best horror movies of 2017, then hurry up and watch these top horror movies and enjoy.

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