Top 5 Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid


“First impression is the last impression”; so never make any negative first impression in front of your Hiring Manager. There is a huge competition among the job seekers for vacancies. Moreover, it’s essential to use this opportunity to showcase your best qualities and ensure that you present yourself as a deserving candidate in front of the interviewers. Besides, to make sure that this would never happen to you, follow my advice and avoid the ahead written top 5 job interview mistakes that everyone made every time in the interview.





    job, interview, interview mistakes, job interview mistakes, mistakes during interviewPreparation is quite essential before a job interview to tackle the interviewer’s questions with confidence. Moreover, research about the company’s background, its place in the market and its competitors as well. Besides this, just make sure that you fully understand the role on offer. Failing to do so will make you look uninterested in the job. So, avoid this mistake and be well prepared before going to the interview. In addition, if you go with the full preparation then this will also increase the chances of your selection.



    job, interview, interview mistakes, job interview mistakes, mistakes during interviewIt can be a challenge to strike a balance between talking too much and talking too little on a job interview. Also, this is a common weakness on the job interview , so avoid talking about all the things at once. Whenever an interviewer asks a question, take a pause of a couple of seconds, take a deep breath and then respond after gathering all your thoughts. Besides, your short reply will look like you’ve little to say and too lengthy reply probably looks like you babbled and missed the main points as well. So always be composed and think before you answer.



    job, interview, interview mistakes, job interview mistakes, mistakes during interviewCriticizing about your previous colleague or an employ draws attention to the negative aspects of your previous job and gives employers the wrong impression of you as well. It also may make interviewer wonder what you’d say about their company if they hire you. Moreover, it doesn’t make you look good if you say really mean things about your old colleagues or boss. Besides, this also gives off the impression that you’re a negative person who can’t let go of the past. So, despite highlighting the mistakes of others, try to be more proactive.



    job, interview, interview mistakes, job interview mistakes, mistakes during interviewAt the end of job interview process, the interviewer will ask if you’ve any question you’d like to ask him. Don’t ever say “NO”. Moreover, this is the opportunity to get the answers to all your job-related queries, so don’t waste it. It’s also a test to check your interest in the position, so grab this opportunity by asking the relevant questions. Besides, don’t ask about the company’s profile because this research should be done by you as I told you in the first point of this article. Perhaps you could ask about the current affair issues affecting their business. This will show that you’ve given the company serious thought.



    job, interview, interview mistakes, job interview mistakes, mistakes during interviewIt is well said, “First impression is the last impression”. First impressions are vital and illustrate how seriously you’re taking the opportunity. Besides, being well presented is a must, so choose your dress very carefully. Also, the clothes should be clean as well as freshly ironed. Avoid wearing ripped jeans and a pair of trainers because these give an unprofessional impression. Moreover, you need to fit into a professional environment which often means you’re willing to sacrifice youthful fashion for the job.

“To err is a human”, so the mistakes are not often fatal for your job interview . But, do your best to avoid these above-mentioned mistakes at your job interview as your job search is quite short. You can check these top 5 interview tips to become more successful in interview. So the next time, while appearing in a job interview, do remember these points and rock the interview !!!

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