Top 5 Brutal Punishment Methods – that Have Actually Used


May this topic “ top 5 brutal punishment methods – that have actually used ” sound strange to you, but is a reality. You can talk all you want about the good will and humanity, but we can’t deny the fact that our dark side is much deeper than our light side. Over thousands of years, we’ve come up with lots of ways for ending the human life. Seriously, beyond the beating, shooting or stabbing, what else do we really need?




  1. Blood Eagle

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This one of the top 5 brutal punishment methods that is mentioned in the Nordic saga legends. In this cruel method to punish, the idea was to cut the ribs of the victim by the spine, breaking the ribs so they resembled blood- stained wings. Then pulling the lungs out through the wounds in the person’s back. Moreover, they didn’t stop there. Besides, the last phase was to sprinkle the salt on the wounds. This method is such a height of cruel thinking. The famous victims of this way of death included King Alla of Northumbria and King Maelgualai of Munster. However, today we are still not sure if this practice was actually real. But as this method is mentioned in the Nordic saga legends, there is a possibility that this method was actually real.


  1. Burning

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Burning was a very common method of execution, reserved for crimes such as treason, witchcraft, and heresy. It is also one of the top 5 brutal punishment methods . In this method, the victim was tied to a stake and then burnt till he died. Looking at it from a slightly medical point of view, if the fire was huge, the victim died from carbon monoxide poisoning, before the flames properly burned him. Moreover, if the fire was small then he would die really slowly. Besides, there are reports that sometimes it took up to two hours for a victim to die. Most famous victim of this was Joan of Arc. Also, death by burning is one of the most brutal ways of deaths.


  1. Sawing

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The next one of the top 5 brutal punishment methods is Sawing. Sawing in the half was such a cruel execution method that was mostly used in the Medieval Europe. In this process, the criminal would be hung upside-down from a tree and a large saw would be then used to slice the victim’s body in half. Because the victims were hung upside-down, the brain was receiving sufficient flow of blood to keep them alive till the saw reached the main arteries in the abdomen. Moreover, in some cases, the execution could last several hours. In addition, this method of death is quite painful.


  1. Boiling

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Boiling is another method that comes on my list of top 5 brutal punishment methods . In this way of death, the victim was stripped naked and then thrown into the cauldron full of boiling the liquid. Moreover, the liquid used could be water, oil, tar, wax, wine or even molten lead. Besides, this boiling to death method has been practiced in many parts of Europe and Asia. In addition, an alternative to this method of boiling in cauldron was boiling the person using a large shallow pan that was also such a brutal method of frying the person to death. Besides, this punishment was specially reserved for the prisoners during the reign of King Henry VIII.


  1. Brazen Bull

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Last but not the least, next method on my list of top 5 brutal punishment methods is The Brazen Bull. This execution device was designed by Perilaus of Athens in year 560 BC. Also, this method was also known as a Sicilian bull. Moreover, this bull was hollow, crafted entirely from bronze. It had a door to one side. The criminals were locked inside the bull and a fire was set under the statue. The fire heated the metal until the criminal inside died from the severe burns. Besides, the scorched bones were then often made into bracelets and sold at market. By some reports, Perilaus himself eventually became a victim of the Bull, after he was overthrown by Telemachus in 570.

These were the quick rundown of top 5 brutal punishment methods that were originated in the darkest corners of the human history. What do you think about these top 5 brutal punishment methods ? Do you think these are the extremely brutal ways to punish? Do share your views in the comment section & be in touch with Top 5 best stuff for more interesting best stuff. From these top 5 brutal punishment methods , we can estimate the cruel level of thinking of the people in the past. Nobody has the right to kill anyone like this. However, these ways to punish were practiced in reality.

Please do not try to imitate any of the above-mentioned methods and these are just for general information and we do not take any responsibility regarding any harm.

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