Top 5 Beautiful Flowers In the World


Hello, guys !!! Welcome to Top 5 best stuff, today I’m counting down my picks for the top 5 beautiful flowers in the world. Every single flower on this earth has its own beauty. Moreover, when we hear the word “beautiful”, the first thing may come to our mind is flowers. Besides, there are many types of flowers in all over the world in different places. As beautiful places on earth have a unique type of flowers which you can find their only.

So which is the beautiful flower in the world? The answer to this question may be difficult because there are a lot of flowers which are extremely beautiful. Here is the list of top 5 beautiful flowers in the world.




  1. ROSE

    beautiful flowers
    Rose is the top beautiful flower in the world as it has a very pleasant smell. Moreover, it is so beautiful as it would be not wrong if we considered it as a synonym of beauty and love. These are found almost everywhere on the earth. Besides, there are 100+ species of roses in the world & each of them has its own unique beauty. Also, it comes in a variety of color and each color holds a different meaning, for example, a red rose is a symbol of love while yellow rose stands for friendship.


    beautiful flowers
    As we already know what the heart shape represents – LOVE. Now, imagine this type of pink-white colored beautiful flowers in your garden. Isn’t it wonderful? Of course, nobody can disagree because of its stunningly beautiful to look that catches everyone’s attention. Moreover, it grows well in moist and cool climate. It can be found in red, yellow, pink and white color. But pink ones are more beautiful.


    beautiful flowers
    Lilies are the beautiful flowers that are probably the queen of aquatic flowers in the world. Besides, they grow in still, shallow fresh water, and the bloom lasts for 3 days & then they replaced. Moreover, they come in varied colors and have amazing fragrant. They also provide excellent habitat for fishes.


    beautiful flowers
    Orchids are very beautiful plant having more than 25000 species that make them unique in my list of top 5 beautiful flowers in the world. Moreover, these can be found nearly everywhere. These are easily adaptable to the new environment. Also, the amazing fact about orchids is that some of them have 30-inch petals and can weigh about tons. Their stunning colors also help them in attracting the pollinators.


    beautiful flowers
    It’s definitely a unique name for a flower. Isn’t it? Actually, it is an exotic plant that also known as CRAVE FLOWER. It symbolizes the paradise itself. Moreover, it is quite unique among my list of top 5 beautiful flowers in the world. Besides, it blooms from May to September. Its unique shape, as well as vibrant colors, make it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers present on the earth. This multi color flower has no scent.

Do you agree with me that these are indeed the top 5 beautiful flowers in the world? If you think there is any other flower that deserves to be a part of this list then let me know in the comment section!!!

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