Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds Of All The Time


There are myriad of breeds of dogs, but here in this article, I’m going to discuss the top 5 popular dog breeds of all the time are discussed below.

Dogs are man’s best friends. As there are hundreds of breeds of dogs on the earth, but still there are very few breeds that are loved by the people all over the world. Children like the dog so much and they love to play with them. If your child wants a dog then read top 5 best small dog breeds for children. There are some breeds that are native to specific parts of the globe. According to the collected data from the internet, news and various views of people, following are the top 5 popular Dog breeds of all the time.





      popular dog breeds
      They are gentle with the family but tough on crime. It is the single most popular breed in the America for the last 26 years in a row. They are very intelligent dogs. Also, these dogs are loyal and obedient as well. Moreover, they are good looking especially in golden color of fur. No doubt that most of the dogs are cute but some dog breeds are very dangerous. So keep it in mind by reading top 5 most dangerous dog breeds article.



      popular dog breeds
      These are the number two on the of top 5 popular Dog breeds of all the time. These are very brave, smart dogs. Also, these are very capable working dogs and can be trained to anything in police service and at home as well. These are my favorite dogs too.



      popular dog breeds
      Moving to the next rank on the list of top 5 popular dog breeds of all the time, Golden retriever. These dogs are extremely intelligent. Sometimes these dogs try to act silly while remembering the names. These dogs are playful, gentle and protective as well.


    1. BULLDOG

      popular dog breeds
      The next breed among the top 5 popular Dog breeds of all the time is Bulldog that is not loved by the every people. They have short smashed nose and bandy front legs. What if they keep you awake full night by snoring every night? you will become irritated.



    popular dog breeds
    As most people love medium-sized dogs, so this breed is the one of the most lovable among the top 5 popular dog breeds of all the time. This breed has hare hound at heart so don’t try to hold him tightly. These are also very loyal.

So, this was the article about the top 5 popular dog breeds of all the time. Please share your reviews with me in the comment box regarding this article so also keep supporting me by liking and sharing this article. See you in the next post !!!

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