Top 5 Fastest Animals on Earth


When we talk about speed, may be the superbikes or supercars be the first thing comes to everyone’s mind. But let me tell you that some animals can also achieve almost the same speed of supercars. I’ve brought the list of top 5 fastest animals on earth for you.

Furthermore, some of these fastest animals swim through the water, others fly through the air and some run on land too. Besides, just check my list below to know about the fastest animals on the earth.





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Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird as well as the fastest animal on the planet. Its speed is 242 mph in flight. This bird can live in any region except Antarctica. Peregrine Falcon has a long tail and sharp wings which helps them to fly faster. The bird has a very good eyesight and also can smell his prey from a great height. The bird used to eat small ocean birds. Also, the bird reaches horizontal cruising speeds of up to 56 mph.



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The speed of this long fork-tailed ocean bird is 95 mph. It is also a very quick animal symbol. As a large and brightly colored animal, it naturally commands attention. The Frigate Bird is native to South America. It used its fast moves to steal the food from other ocean birds. This bird is blessed with the largest wingspan to body weight ratio of any bird. It can also stay for over week anywhere at a time. It spends most of its lifespan in the sky and rarely touches the ground. Moreover, it formed its nest nearest to the oceans by using strong sticks.



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Sail fish is the fastest sea animal. Its speed is 68 miles per hour. This world’s fastest fish is native to Atlantic and Indo-pacific region. Generally, Sail Fish’s body is 11 feet long because of which it can swim and dive faster. The Sail Fish prefer warm ocean water to live. The fast swimming speed of this fish helps it to escape from predators such as dolphin and octopus.



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Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world which can reach a top speed of 70.21 mph. Cheetahs gain this speed easily within no time because of their strong long legs. These are native to Asia and Africa. They can chase their prey within 40 to 60 seconds easily. Unfortunately, the number of Cheetahs is decreasing day by day, so there is a great need to protect them as soon as possible.



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The speed Spine Tailed Swift is 106 mph. It is also the second largest animal on the earth as well as, in another point of view it is the fastest flying bird too in the powered flight. It is native to Siberia and central Asia. The reason behind its smooth flight is its short legs and long wings. It spends the huge part of its lifespan in the sky and also makes the nest on the high elevated cliffs. Spine Tailed Swift is also a migratory bird.

Even we are at the top of the food chain because of the inventions and tools, but we are outclassed quite easily when it comes to speed. Most of these animals are as fast as the supercars that we have constructed to travel from one place to another at a reasonable pace.

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